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Microsoft Project – Professional Scheduling

In managing project, project schedule management is one of the key performance indicator (KPI) in measuring success of a project delivery. In this case, the project manager is responsible in developing project schedule which encompasses the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Project activities which is then, need to be communicated and monitored regularly.

Therefore, having an effective project scheduling tool is really crucial for a project manager to develop, track and communicate project schedule in a lesser time, so that, he or she would be able to focus more on the other project management activities and the same time being in control in each and every activity delivered throughout the project cycle.

In this case, Microsoft Project is the best scheduling software to meet this objective, regardless of the scale of the project. Microsoft Project is not only able to develop end-to-end schedule of a project, but also can build an overall project cost based on all activities specified in the Gantt Chart. This result in robust performance monitoring in terms of time and cost for a project, program or portfolio.

PM Advance philosophy is to train and consult professionals not only based on theoretical knowledge, but also based on real-case scenarios and PM practitioner experience. This will effectively impart the knowledge and the best practise skills to professionals in their daily work in respective industry.
We want you to be better professionals.

We want you to be better professionals.

Who should attend

  • Project Scheduler, Project Managers/ Assistant Project Managers/ Project Coordinators/ Project Expeditors/ Project team members who want to improve their project management skill
  • Individuals/ Junior Executives who are new to project management.
  • Marketing Executive, Sales Executives, Marketing and Sales Project Manager
  • Functional managers and team members who are in leadership role in a project.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop the overall project schedule and budget, that are crucial for project monitoring and controlling activities
  • Track the project progress by using tracking features in Microsoft Project and Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Understand the correlation between project management and scheduling tools based on PMI® standard.
  • Internalize the trick and techniques in resolving resource allocation, expedite the projects schedule and predicting future performance.
  • Be familiar and competent in executing projects according to scope, schedule and cost.

Course Outline:

Day One


Part 1: Introduction to Project Management

  • Scope Baseline
    • Collect Requirements
    • Define Scope
    • Create WBS
  • Schedule Baseline
    • Define Activities
    • Sequence activities
    • Estimate activity duration
  • Cost Baseline
    • Estimate activity cost
    • Determine Budget


Part 2: Create a simple project

  • Set a start date
  • Input task
  • Create dependencies (Sequencing task)
    • Finish to Start
    • Start to Start
    • Finish to Finish
    • Start to Finish
  • Estimate duration
  • Configure auto-scheduling
  • Updating resources
  • View and analyse critical path
  • Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customize Status Bar
  • Customize Ribbon
  • Backstage view
  • Project Option Dialogue box

Day Two


Part 3: Advance Scheduling

  • Configure Project Information
  • Checking Project Information (Statistics)
  • Setting up Schedule General configuration
  • Setting up a New Calendar
  • Create the WBS
  • Create the task summaries
  • Input tasks
  • Create dependencies (Sequencing task)
  • Configure auto-scheduling
  • Resource Assignment
  • Assign durations
  • Updating resource sheets with cost
    • Work resources
    • material resources
    • type resources
  • Create milestone
  • View and analyse critical path
  • Setting baseline


  • Resolve over-allocation tasks
    • Assigning other resources
    • Change Dependencies
    • Apply contours to assignments
  • Leads and lags

Part 4: Tracking the project

  • Update work progress
  • Setting Baseline
  • Configure status dates
  • View Tracking Gantt
  • Update work progress
  • View functions:
    • Table
    • Highlight
    • Filter
    • Group
  • Add column

Part 5: Reporting

  • Use timeline view
  • Use report tools
    • Dashboard
    • Resources
    • Costs
    • In Progress

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07 Apr 2021 - 08 Apr 2021

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