Project Risk Management Training Malaysia

Leadership in Project Environment


This in-house and customizable workshop offers many benefits to organisations in general and employees in particular. High productivity results in a lower cost per unit of output, and turn, leads to higher levels of income for businesses. Given that most SMEs are constrained by cost, SMEs must undertake talent management and upskilling of its human potential as a viable approach to maximise the effectiveness of its existing talent pool.
This approach is arguably the most sustainable approach given that embarking on new hires in a post-Covid era does not seem a viable option. The Maximising Human Potential – Individual & Team Transformation programme is arguably one of its kind given that participants are taken through a methodology to mold one’s mindset leading to a paradigm shift aimed at achieved individual and teams’ peak performance. The course follows through a post 30-days post-workshop monitoring program designed at cementing the desired change.
This workshop is often seen as a zero-cost approach given that no prior investment is needed apart from the commitment of time and the will to change. Our skilled facilitators shall guide and engage participants through a combination of methods like appreciative inquiry and probing questions. In return for the commitment in attending this workshop and the ensuing 30-days post-workshop follow-up, participants shall experience an increase in morale, trust and loyalty through highly motivated and self-organised teams, resulting in increased efficiency and peak performance.

Course Objectives:

This interactive and engaging 35 hours workshop is designed to jumpstart participants towards their journey of individual and team transformation. In this life-changing course, participants will be equipped with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to undertake this transformational journey. In addition, participants will leave the course with a heightened sense of self-awareness and be better equipped to influence their immediate team(s), co-create decision making and foster a culture of innovation and continuous excellence.

At the end of this course participants will be able to acquire knowledge, skills, tools and techniques on individual and team transformation but not limited to the following;

  •  Create personal and team goals;
  • Create a personal action plan and the ensuing personal and professional wants;
  • Analysis and discover non-productive and productive actions;
  • Create an affirmation plan through an understanding of productive and non-productive actions;
  • Uncover negative habits;
  • Uncover my strengths and weaknesses;
  • Instill positive habits;
  • Explain the role of the conscious and sub-conscious mind;
  • Explain the creative thinking process;
  • Design effective daily actions and routines for overall self and team improvements;
  • Discovering my strengths and weaknesses;
  • Create renewed internal and external self-image;
  • Reinforce the desired outcome;
  • Appraise internal barriers;
  • Build the ability to foster self-belief;
  • Create an attitude than aligns with the renewed belief with behavior;
  • Create an impression of the most valuable person;
  • Apply the concept of the “Impression of Increase”

This workshop will cover:

  1. Leadership
  2. Culture
  3. Strategy
  4. Building an “A” team
  5. Strategy Execution
  6. Making the business stand out
  7. Putting your employees first
  8. Systems and Processes
  9. Productivity
  10. Measuring performance

Duration of Engagement: FIVE (5) Days / 35 Contact Hours


04 Nov 2019 - 05 Nov 2019