Which Manager you prefer to work with?


Which type of Manager are you?

Manager A:

“Call Tom Burton at Cavalier Computer. Ask him to give you the price list on an upgrade for our personal computers. I want to move up to Quad-core processor with 8 gigs of RAM and at least a 1.5-terabytes hard drive. Ask them to give you demonstration of the Windows 8 program operating system and Microsoft Office 365. I want to be able to establish collaboration capability for the entire group. Invite Cochran and Snow to the demonstration and let them try it out. Have them write up a summary of their needs and the potential applications they see for the new systems. Then prepare me a report with the costs and specifications of the upgrade for the entire departments. Oh yes, be sure to ask for information on service costs.”

Manager B:

“I’d like to do something about our personal computer system. I’ve been getting some complaints that the current systems are too slow, can’t run current software, and don’t allow for networking. Could you evaluate our options and give me a recommendation on what we should do? Our budget is around $2,000 per person, but I’d like to stay under that if we can. Feel free to talk to some of the managers to get their input, but we need to have this done as soon as possible.”

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