What capabilities should a PM possess?
  1. Strong organizational skills: The successful PM must be able to organize a project, the team, and address the many details that arise. This employee must be strong at organizing staff schedules and be able to handle more than one major project if necessary.

  2. Generalization: While a manager may have an interest in a particular project area, he or she must be familiar with all aspects of the project. However, PMs do not need to know all of the technical details for themselves. Being effective at delegation is very important. To be effective as a PM, one must have a strong ability to examine the broad scope of a project without becoming bogged down with the details.

  3. Ability to monitor the project: A PM must be able to monitor project status and display a willingness to ask for assistance when the situation warrants. Effective communications between members of the project team is vital.

  4. Communication: PMs must have good communications skills for both public speaking and writing. They must be able to communicate to both individuals and groups as marketers and as managers of the project team. In addition, they must be good listeners.

  5. Experience: Successful PMs must have broad experience in a variety of project types. They must have strong skills and experience in project budgeting, negotiating, marketing, and estimating. Their own database of previous project experiences is extremely useful.

  6. Leadership ability: The strong PM must be a leader; an individual who can direct and motivate the project team. He or she should have demonstrated leadership ability prior to becoming a PM.

  7. Ability to make decisions: A PM is a decision maker. The ability to make decisions and to carry them through is vital. In addition, the manager must be able to admit a mistake, and must be able to say no to a client or staff member when necessary.

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